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    I bought a couple of Cavalry brigades, 1 each for the Union and Confederates and was looking at how to represent them on the battlefield when dismounted. I have 3  ways that I can think of, 1) is just keep them as they are and announce whether they are mted or dismted, 2) was to use the Dismounted Cavalry box, but I think their may be a blunder with this option and 3) Use a Skirmishers box set.

    First, does anyone know if teh Dismounted Cavalry box was supposed to represent the Cavarly Brigade box set? If so then there is either a blunder in the number of stands or it’s a sales ploy by Warlord. The Cavalry Brigade has 3 regiments of 4 stands each making them regular size regiments, but the Dismted Cavalry has 3 regiments of 3 stands each, at first I think maybe it had to do with Frontages but all the regiment bases in Epic are the same size!

    Now, in teh game Dismted Cavalry are treated as Skirmishers so I figure maybe get a skirmisher box set, but I have the same issue, 12 Cavalry stands vs 10 skirmisher stands.

    Am I being too literal in this conversion? I feel if I use either of these box sets I am losing 2 stands and therefore 2 lots of troops.


    Big Al

    It might be to represent a smaller unit when dismounted. You know, horse holders will mean a small unit when dismounted while the extra stand when mounted makes it a standard unit. If so, it is just aesthetic because there isn’t any rule for having horse holders.


    Yeah someone on my hobby group suggested using it as the fourth stand, didn’t even occur to me, lol. Certainly makes things easier.

    Thanks for the reply

    Garry Wills

    The other thing to remember is that despite there being no figure scale, in reality a standard infantry unit clearly represents more men than a standard cavalry unit, which must be so given the same frontage for both. I could bore you with my own conversions, but this effect is very dramatic, and explains why dismounted cavalry become skirmishers in the rules.

    All the best



    From the info your post I inferred straight away that the disparity is as Big Al says- mounted units did shrink by a quarter when dismounted because  1 trooper in 4 had to hold the horses.


    The holding the horses makes alot of sense, I think I might just go with at approach although it does mean I’ll lose a stand while dismounted.


    Thanks for the replies

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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