• The holding the horses makes alot of sense, I think I might just go with at approach although it does mean I’ll lose a stand while dismounted.


    Thanks for the replies

  • Yeah someone on my hobby group suggested using it as the fourth stand, didn’t even occur to me, lol. Certainly makes things easier.

    Thanks for the reply

  • I bought a couple of Cavalry brigades, 1 each for the Union and Confederates and was looking at how to represent them on the battlefield when dismounted. I have 3  ways that I can think of, 1) is just keep them as they are and announce whether they are mted or dismted, 2) was to use the Dismounted Cavalry box, but I think their may be a blunder…[Read more]

  • Happy New Year to you all as well guys, hope you have a geat year and may all your battles be victorious and fruitful, unless you’re playig each other in which case my condolences to the defeated 🙁

    I think I must have been misinterpreting the free move section, after reading your posts I went back on it and read the sections on initiative moves…[Read more]

  • Well after the last couple posts you guys have wrote I think I am a lot more re-assured, still a lot to take in, so I think what I will do is just take forces of equal size and play a few games to get my head round everything. The fundamentals I don’t think will be an issue as they are more or less the same in any combat game just with some tweaks…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the replies, they have given me a greater understanding.

    @Big AI – I don’t think it’s to do with not reading the rules fully it’s more to do how I interpret them and that along side the fact that this is a new game system it’s just not what I am used to. The only rank and file game systems I have played were Warhammer Fantasy and GW’s…[Read more]

  • I just bought ACW today along with Glory Hallelujah and the BP2E core book and I have some confusion over a couple of aspects. First off the points system, I’m getting a general gist that the points system has been neglected or purposely left out of the 2nd edition! Surely in a pick up game a points system is fundamental for 2+ players to base…[Read more]

  • @ ENIOCH

    So I read the notes for S.H.I.P.S again and most of it seems simple enough, overall points over haul, easy enough. The carrier points and hanger points nice and simple. Got a couple of questions though, sorry..

    1.2.0 Second AA Rework – it mentions about the AA costs, I presume this cost is implemented into the base cost of the ship and…[Read more]

  • Ar no that means I have to redo my fleet building lists in excell, lol, bummer. My KGV’s have gone up as well :(. Well I don’t get to play much but I will defo test this versus Warlords one. If alot of the community are using it then hopefully Warlord will release an errata or better yet a pack of stat cards of the already released ships. Before I…[Read more]

  • Well thats abit sucky. Seems as though they either favour US ships as they have released far more of them or they just didn’t do any play testing, as a novice without even playing that list I think it would smash any other fleet. Have you got a link to any community ones?

  • Well if we are going date specific, I would have to radically change the fllet unless I proxy the aircraft. If I’m not proxying and we are sticking with 1943 I guess I would have to switch out the Alaska for the other two Northampton class cruisers. That puts me 2 pts over so I would either remove the radar refit on the Chester OR I could swap out…[Read more]

  • So I was curious about making an IJN and US carrier fleet and came up with this, based on models released and models I have (no proxies). And I was abit gobsmacked at what I came up with.

    IJN (1500 pts)

    Akagi (17 flights) 250pts

    Zuikaku (18 flights) 275pts

    Kumano 280pts

    Mogami + Radar refit 305pts

    5 x Fubuki Class Destroyer + refits to 1943…[Read more]

  • After reading your post I checked out the AA capabilities of a few of the ships from each nation, and swamping a ship seems wise as only a couple have range bands and most of the rest have Local 1 with only a few with 2+.

    I’m currently solo gaming until my British fleet is fully painted so I reckon I will just practice with various styles of…[Read more]

  • I think I will just stick with what is on the cards/book and append when an errata corrects it.

  • Hi, yeah I was aware the refits are cumalative, thanks for the reply though Nat :), it was just the commisioned date, while it does make more sense now what Enioch said, although I think I would have just preferred it if Warlord had put the date it was commisioned on the model as opposed to the date it had a refit.

    I did still came across a…[Read more]

  • So from your ealier post then it sounds like you rely on alot of scouting then a massive wave of torpedoes? I think because I am still learning the game when I play it is with out a specific method of attack, like concentrating on planes, or torpedoes. But saying that I never really looked into the scouting side of i until this topic and torpedoes…[Read more]

  • Thanks Enrioch.

    So really you only have to worry about the exact name and commision is really if you were playing a historical scenario. But during general play I could just go by the date on the data card?

  • Quick query about commissioned dates. If you guys are playing a game base on a year alone, for example you can’t have any ships after 1942. Wht adate are you basing your fleet on? As I have come across a number of discrepancies between the rulebook, data cards and the model bases.

    If you look at the King George Class Battleships for example; the…[Read more]

  • @Nat

    Your list above, on the Kumano should that be the 1944 refit and not 1943?

  • I redid my list correctly and he was what I came up with;

    1500 pts 1941 British Fleet

    HMS Ark Royal 250pts (15 flights)

    HMS Prince of Wales + 1941 refit 625pts (2 aircraft)

    HMS Belfast 130pts (3 aircraft)

    HMS Dido + 1941 refit 95pts (Radar)

    HMS Neptune + 1941 refit 130pts (Radar)

    6 x Tribal Class Destroyers + 1941 refit 270pts (Radar)

    So…[Read more]

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