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  • Obviously Warlord would like you to buy their figures, but the rules and supplement aren’t written on the basis of any particular figure sets you buy from anywhere.  If you want a regular sized unit to be 18 figs then that will work ok.

    Whether your unit represents a company or a battalion etc. is down to scale.  In some conflicts the battles wer…[Read more]

  • Hi Arcole – it’s interesting that such a major force in the wars doesn’t have a supplement yet.  There have been some plastics out for Austrians for a bit now and so with more figures on the table I expect we’ll see some unofficial lists from people soon.  My own view is probably biased by being brought up on Bruce Quarrie’s Napoleon’s Campaigns i…[Read more]

  • Hi Arcole – Do you mean unit size in terms of ‘small’, ‘ regular’, and ‘large’ or in terms of unit frontages, over perhaps figures?  Like all of the BP games the key things is that units of the same games size (‘small’, ‘ regular’, and ‘large’) have the same frontage in both armies.  How many figures you use in a unit is probably dependent on the…[Read more]

  • We used BP quite a lot for 15mm Naps and ACW.  We’ve halved the number of inches (perhaps some club members don’t have rules with centimetres? 😉  ). We have never really worried about the relationship of move / weapon ranges and unit frontages.   The key thing we’ve tried to do with unit frontages is have the two sides have the same basic fr…[Read more]

  • Hi Skh25, sorry, I’m a bit confused – but happens easily 🤪!

    My understanding is; on each command dice roll, you are either issuing an order to a single unit, or to a group of units at once (a battalia order).  If it is an order to a single unit then you measure the distance to the single unit and apply that modifier.  If you are issuing to a gro…[Read more]

  • Hi skh25.  I think the standard interpretation is, that if you try to issue a battalia order, and it fails, then no one gets the order.  There is no picking and choosing.  In effect, but adding in extra units, beyond command range, you are increasing the risk of no order getting through to anyone. I don’t see there is any other way to interpret this?

  • Lovely stuff, RR.  I’m guessing that these forum entries have been “lost in the ether” for a while – good to see they are flowing through again.  I posted something last November that got lost so it could be another 5 months before that shows up.  I’d try re-posting, but I have forgotten what it was I posted !  😜

  • Possibly the largest wargame ever played was Waterloo last year at Glasgow University. Little Wars did a nice video about it.

    They used a modified version of BP to run their game which I think sassy a lot about its suitability for such a big game.  I think in essence, the speed things up, they left out…[Read more]

  • Charge The Guns replied to the topic Bending Lines in the forum Black Powder 1 year ago

    Hi George,

    If you want to stay and defend the field then the unit can stay ‘bent’ as long as it stays there.  As this is a non-standard situation then I suggest agree a suitable method to allocate dice with your opponent.  Perhaps randomise which side gets the extra dice each turn?  You could also consider using the rules for buildings for troops…[Read more]

  • That’s a really useful summary, Nat.  Thanks for sharing 👍

  • Hi George – I think that only the admins can delete posts.  It was a great question and I’m sure the answer will be useful for others in the future so probably worth letting it stand.

  • Charge The Guns replied to the topic Rules Question Thread in the forum Black Powder 1 year ago

    Hi Lewis,

    When the lists mention “Skirmishers” in the special rules they mean that this unit is in a Skirmish formation and all of the rules for Skirmishers therefore apply.  This is a bit different to the items in the ‘useful rules’ section (see p100). The Skirmish rules are quite fundamental, and rules are spread through the book.  We are lucky…[Read more]

  • Charge The Guns replied to the topic Skirmish units in the forum Black Powder 1 year ago

    Worth remembering that skirmishes get a -1 on their ‘to hit’ dice in melee, and can also not be supported. This should be more than enough to tip the odds to the cavalry.

    I would allow Cossacks to charge skirmishers from any angle!

  • Charge The Guns replied to the topic Epic Black Powder in the forum Black Powder 1 year ago

    I think that they will focus on periods that are popular and will sell well enough to justify the investment in plastics. ACW is a period for which there is an existing BP supplement and also no existing Warlord figure range.  I’m sure we’ve all got our favourite conflicts but I can’t see this happening for anything too obscure.

  • I’m glad IO has some ideas as I am a bit hazy on this part of the period.  I know that for late 15th century some of the WotR figures will work, but by Pavia they will not be right.  Those Steel Fist Gendarmes do look glorious.  Not sure what part of the Italian Wars they work best for.

  • As Big Al says, they are officially 13.5 mm. I have see some comparisons online which show them matching with Kallistra 12mm figs.

    I don’t think they are intended to ‘mix’. I think they are intended to be their own size.  Once you get below the 15mm size I find mixing figures between ranges very tricky and rarely bother trying.

  • Interesting to see what you get in the box – thanks for sharing the video.

  • Charge The Guns replied to the topic Varnishing in the forum Black Powder 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hi George.  I have never tried this, but I imagine the approach suggested is to print your own ‘transfer’, at the appropriate size, and apply.  I think the varnish comes in as part of the transfer process.  I believe that before applying transfers it is recommended to gloss varnish the painted model, then once the varnish is dry, it is easier…[Read more]

  • Hi Marius, the period is probably not as popular as Napoleonic (Black Powder) or Roman Empire (Hail Caesar), but it has still has plenty of people playing it as evidenced by all of the different social media content I see.  Warlord are still selling the Pike and Shotte rules, still have a pretty vast stock line for the period, and have brought…[Read more]

  • That’s a great looking force, George.  Well done for getting it finished.  Look forward to seeing the Dutch completed to face off against them!

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