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    Andrew Smith

    Hi Folks,


    Long term lurker, just wanted to ask if anyone has any idea of what the next Black Powder sourcebooks conflict is likely to be?

    Obviously Epic is doing well, so is the ACW going to get an EPIC Battles rulebook makeover to be more conflict themed like the Waterloo rules rather than just generic BP2?

    In previous interviews there has been various reference to a few other conflicts, obviously some of this also got disrupted by COVID.

    But there has been reference to Crimean War and Texican War of Independence. Any idea if those are coming down the line in the next year or so?


    richard zamudio

    I feel that any additions to the Epic scheme of things should certainly include the Russians and Austrians! Or perhaps a nod to the Peninsular campaign. In my opinion, the 100 Days campaign is of interest, but some what limiting in the entire scope of the Napoleonic era. It certainly remains to be seen what will eventually emerge.

    Charge The Guns

    I think there are a couple fo different questions to think about here.

    1. Which conflict do you think Warlord will add to the ‘Epic’ range?  (This means a set of of 13.5mm plastic figures.)

    2. What conflict will Warlord create a new supplements for next? (This is in effect an expansion book for one of the core rulesets, Black Powder, Pike & Shotte, and Hail Caesar.)

    The answer to question 1 could be another Black Powder era conflict or they could go Pike & Shotte or Hail Caesar.  I expect it depends what they think will sell enough to justify the investment. Romans and Gauls? ECW?  We could really speculate and say, why not Epic World War 2? 😝

    The answer to 2 could be anything. First of all getting a good suggestion for the book, and I expect also Warlord having figures to back it up.

    Fraser Kendall

    Fingers crossed for Crimean and Franco Prussian!

    Andrew Smith

    @Fraser Kendall

    Not for epic but in some youtube interviews when going through the glass cabinet of future releases Paul Sawyer definately mentioned a Crimea figure so something Crimea related should be coming in the next year. Might be metals done in plastics, or something new, or a promo figure other than Crimea getting name checked nothing substantive. FPW no indications from the open day.

    I would note that Epic ACW was mentioned and already the hot preorder running just a few weeks after.

    Although the repackaged starter with new models and rightly presented as Gettysburg starter, which makes sense for probably the most name checked ACW battle, doesn’t look like its got the Epic Rulebook makeover so still normal BP2 and cut down Glory expansion, if they could sort a Gettysberg version would be awesome, but the Epic ACW in plastic seems fairly well covered. I think at this point the only naysars would be about the Kepis but I think what theyve rolled out with for the price and size and scope is work well done in the main.

    All from my subjective personal opinion.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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