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Preview: Hold the Line!

Our Unleash Hell! Roman General miniature as been remarkably popular and you’ve asked us for a mounted version. So, here’s a quick look at said Roman officer on horseback and his faithful hound as they charge the enemy lines, leading from the front… And while you’re waiting for this release, if you haven’t yet picked…

Hail Caesar, Latest News, Roman

Model of the Week: Macro & Cato

This week’s spotlight falls on one of our most popular boxed sets – Simon Sçarrow’s Macro & Cato. Whether you’re a fan of Simon’s novels or a tabletop Roman general you’ll be wanting these superb sculpts… Set consists of 2 Beautiful 28mm metal Macro and Cato figures, with options for Bare and Helmeted heads and…

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Painted Roman Marines!

Thanks to the postal delays we’re still seeing in the UK in some regions we missed out on bringing you pics of the new Roman Marines models painted by Dr Phil Hendry. Let us rectify that by showing them off in all their glory! The Romans fielded all manner of specialist troops over their extensive…