Model of the Week: Imperial Roman Aquilifer

This week we showcase one of Paul’s favourite models – the Aqulifer, Eagle standard bearer of the mighty Roman Legions!


Paul: We all love Romans don’t we? Well, maybe not the Celts, the Jews, or any other conquered/subjugated/subsumed peoples but in general the might of Roman marching under it’s many standards, rank after rank of Legionaries in shining segmented armour, hefting large scutum shields is a glorious site that few wargamers can resist.

The focal point of the Legion is it’s Aquila (Eagle) standard. Carried by an Aquilifer who would be the most senior standard bearer in the Legion.  The soldiers of Rome would fight to the death to preserve the safety of the Legion’s  Eagle. Indeed there is an account of Caesar’s first invasion of Britain in 55BC where the Roman soldiers were reluctant to leave their ships due to the depth of the water (if you believe Julius Caesar, ever a self publicist and propaganda merchant supreme) or due to the enemy occupying the beaches and high ground around the landing site.  A Legion’s Aquilifer took matters into his own hands an jumps into the sea along with the standard (or throws it ashore as one story goes) shaming the Roman troops into following their Eagle and avoiding the utter shame of it’s loss to the enemy. Truly the Eagle is an almost Holy item for the Legionaries…


This is my favourite Warlord Roman miniature to date. Mostly because of what it represents – the very essence of the Legion itself. Add in a suitably heroic pose as the Aquilifer exhorts his comrades to greater feats or lofts the Aquila high at the point of victory over the enemies of Rome and you have a beautiful model.

The sculpting on this miniature is outstanding and it was a joy to paint. So much so I’m thinking of a conversion to make a mounted Aquilifer…


No Imperial Roman Legion should be without an  Aquilifer model – be sure to pick one up for your army today!