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Painted Roman Marines!

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Thanks to the postal delays we’re still seeing in the UK in some regions we missed out on bringing you pics of the new Roman Marines models painted by Dr Phil Hendry. Let us rectify that by showing them off in all their glory!

Roman MarineRoman Marine

Roman MarineRoman Marine

The Romans fielded all manner of specialist troops over their extensive empire, many who’s roles are still to be seen today in existing armies.

Here we present the Marines, who fought all over the known world as detachments on naval ships, accompanied merchant ships on occasion and also took part in amphibious operations.


They are not much written about, and our models are based on best guess and evidence that we have available to us. We have given them non ferrous helmets as the last thing you need is more iron to clean of rust! Chain mail rather than Lorica we thought more appropriate to the flexibility of their tasks, and a more manageable shield, with appropriate naval markings of course. Spear and javelin rather than heavy pilum and a good warm cloak complete our study of these tough fellows.


You can pick up these great models up in convenient Regiment or Contubernium form then nab some extra Roman Marine Transfers while you’re at it here!