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New: Algoryn AI Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer

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The Bastion heavy combat skimmer is the largest and most powerful of the military grade semi-autonomous weapon platforms in the armoury of the Algoryn Prosperate.

Algoryn AI Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer with weapon options

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It is heavily protected with a combination of fixed-emission hyperlight defences and strategic kinetic shielding. The Bastion is capable of carrying the largest and heaviest of mobile weapons; it is generally armed with a heavy magnetic cannon as its principal armament.

Algoryn AI Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer box front

This is a proven and highly effective weapon with immense penetration power, easily capable of destroying even the most heavily armoured drones and vehicles. Secondary armament can vary from the highly effective mag light support or twin version of the same weapon, or the even more powerful plasma light support.

Algoryn AI Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer

Its long range enables it to operate from fixed positions from which it can dominate the battlefield. Its suspensors are augmented by pulse thrusters propelling the Bastion at a moderate pace. The Bastion is one of the most effective assets available to the Prosperate’s forces and one that dominates the largest and fiercest of battles.

Algoryn AI Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer - reverse angle

Contains the following multi-part resin and metal model:

  • 1 Algoryn AI Bastion heavy combat skimmer armed with heavy mag cannon
  • 3 optional light support weapons: mag light support, twin mag light support and plasma light support
  • 1 spotter drone

Algoryn AI Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer - back of box

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