New: Mega-City Citizens for Judge Dredd

Mega-City One has a far greater population density than any city in the present-day world. Most city dwellers (citizens) live in huge apartment blocks (50,000+), though many citizens live a perpetually nomadic existence in vehicular mo-pads (mobile homes) due to inadequate housing provisions. Due to the high unemployment rate, boredom is rife among citizens.


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A citizen who finds a reason to venture out of his apartment takes care to avoid eye contact with whoever he may meet – juves and punks seem to feel compelled to mug anyone who eyeballs them, and even the most respectable looking neighbour may be a cunningly disguised homicidal maniac.


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New to Judge Dredd…?

Welcome to Full Eagle Day, cadet!

The Academy of Law is the toughest school on Earth, and you have survived fifteen years of the hardest law enforcement training known. You have been taught how to administer the law to the citizens of Mega-City One and how to dispense instant justice to those who commit crimes.

Now comes your greatest test…

Judge Dredd starter set


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This set contains everything you need to start patrolling the streets and fighting crime in Mega-City One.

It includes the full hard-back rulebook, two opposing forces – the Mega-City Judges and the rampaging Street Gang, two exclusive figures, only available in this set, and the Academy of Law Training Guide, that will get you playing in minutes!


  • Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Rulebook
  • 8 Mega-City Judges
  • 8 Street Gangers
  • Exclusive Heavy Weapons Judge with Lawrod
  • Exclusive Female Punk Leader
  • Academy of Law Training Guide

Judge Dredd rulebook


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This is a 240 page full colour hardback, with all the rules you need to build a force and take to the streets of Mega-City One in a campaign that will see heroes rise and villains fall (or vice versa!). The core rules are simple and quick to learn, but with enough tactical depth to keep you playing for years to come.

Eighteen different forces are available in the core rules, giving you a wide choice to match your playing style, ranging from the iconic Judges to mutated vermin from the depths of the irradiated Cursed Earth!

Blood on the Streets – Judge Dredd supplement


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This hardback supplement for the Judge Dredd game is jam-packed with lots of new rules, forces, Mercenaries, Talents, Heroes – and a brand new way of playing scenarios in your campaigns!

Boxed starter Factions

A great way to get started with your faction is to purchase one of the boxed sets as in there you will have enough figures for your initial force.

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Judge Dredd Hub page

For extra rules and ideas we have an area on our website dedicated to the Judge Dredd game. There you will find articles on collecting & gaming, painting & modelling and official updates and FAQs among other things:


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