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Event: Warlord inaugural Antares Boot Camp

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Twenty answered the call, twenty fought a day of battles, twenty went home battered and bruised, but not broken. Much was learnt and fun was had, check out some of the action of this past weekend…

briefing_aWarlorder Rich C briefing the combatants about their objective.

The day

The day as a whole was separated into 3 scenarios with a total of 20 combatants battling over 10 tables. The first scenario was a simple head to head clash, first to destroy their enemy wins! The second was less head-on but still just as chaotic, hold the central objective to win. The last scenario was the most cunning, the 10 tables were reduced to 5 and the commanders paired up. Each side had the same main objective but also a secret one, different for each side, leading to some very interesting results…

The board

Each table used this 6×4 gaming mat to battle on, the first 2 scenarios used just 4×4 then all the terrain from 5 tables was moved and spread onto the remaining 5 tables for scenario 3. The woodland floor provided an excellent general field to combat on.

boardEach battlefield had similar terrain using rock formations, tree formations and hills.


treesSniper units hid within the trees to pick off anyone careless enough to wander into the open. Ideally 4 tree areas on a 4x4ft table.


rock_a Frontline infantry moved forward and captured these rocks formations to provide cover, turning the battlefield into one huge firefight. Ideally 3 area terrain pieces on a 4x4ft table.


hill_aWeapon platforms and heavy infantry sat upon these hills to provide an unbeaten vantage point, ideally 3 or 4 hills on a 4x4ft table.

Scenario 1: Straight Fight!

As neither force was big in size (500 points) and we wanted as much action as possible – there was a lot of terrain set up to provide plenty of flanking opportunities, plenty of cover for weapon teams and of course plenty of positions to enable troops to advance.
Each battlefield was set up in a fairly similar manner to ensure no one table or side offered unfair advantage, two armies preparing to face each other but with plenty of obstacles (ideally 6 low obstacles on a 4x4ft table) in their way!

first_combat_aThe first combat of the day, as a Ghar Assault squad clash with Boromite rock riders!


rush_aA Concord strike squad attempts to hold of a Boromite lavamites charge as they try to keep their position.


algoryn_avenger_attack_skimmer_aAn Algoryn Avenger Attack Skimmer provided fire support for the advancing troops.


rebel_black_guard_aLooks like the camera man was spotted by some Rebel Black guard!


Scenario 2: Take and Hold

As before, the scout sized forces would now seek to hold the central objective, again on a 4×4. The terrain was quickly re-arranged to have a singular objective within the middle to be the main focus of attention. Some armies remained the same, however some revised their army and either brought more battlesuits, more men or fast skimmers. Less brute force and more tactical thinking was certainly needed.

battlefield_2_2_aQuite similar to the last combat zone, but with one significant change, the large ‘home’ tree within the centre, which happened to be the objective! 

skimmer_skimmers_aA squad of Intruder Scout skimmers recon the way ahead of the Avenger attack skimmer for safe passage towards the objective.


squad_been_fount_aAn Algoryn AI squad has been found by the Boromite Micromite probe shards and now must defend their position or risk losing it.


weapon_platform_aA Ghar weapons team sets-up behind cover and prepares its first volley of the game.


boromite_squad_aThese Boromite Gang Fighters held this position as long as they could for their guild mothers favour.


Scenario 3:

The last scenario had a bit of mystery in the mix of the fighting, the number of battlefields were reduced to 5 so people had to partner up. With the larger forces now ready to fight the battlefield was increased to 6×4, with more men, there is more carnage!

Along with a specific objective that both sides had to achieve (Hold the buildings at end of turn 5) a mystery objective was given by the commanders to challenge them even further. These extra objectives were either to hold a specific piece of terrain or slay the enemy commander, this led to wild chases, complete position abandonment and heroic last stands!

Why not try your own scenarios, hidden objectives, or even new interactive scenery with an automated sentry drone perhaps, it changes the game and provides plenty of cinematic experiences!


tsan_ra_phase_aAn Isorian Tsan Ra Phase squad limber through the rugged terrain with a Senatex Phase squad covering them.


strike_squad_aAs the army moves up like one unit with their commanders ‘Follow Me’ rule, this single strike squad must navigate through the rocky terrain.


ghar_battle_squad_aA Ghar assault squad prepares for a dash to the next piece of cover to try and stay alive.


algoryn_avenger_attack_skimmer_1_aThe Algoryn Avenger Attack skimmer returns as it dashes over the field in hopes of reaching its allies in time.


End of the day

We hope each combatant has enjoyed their time in the camp and on the field and as a big thank you from Warlord towards our competitors, we gifted them a goodie bag which consisted of:

  • An Unreleased A5 Rulebook of Beyond the Gates of Antares. Available in Strike On Kar’A Nine
  • An Unreleased Plastic sprue of the Algoryn AI squad. Available in Strike On Kar’A Nine
  • Special counters to track benefits of the terrain for quick referencing. Courtesy of Sarissa Precision.
  • An Antares style Ruler for quick measurement. Courtesy of Sarissa Precision
  • Special Antares style shirts to be instantly distinguished amongst their peers.


More goodies for us all!

We gave our competitors first chance at some of our new products, the Ghar Flitter bombs, Ghar outcast Rebel Quad mag repeater cannon team and the C3 Support team with plasma cannon. Don’t worry, the rest of you get your chance as well! This Friday we’ll see the release of the previously mentioned in addition to the Ghar bombardment crawler and the mighty cool C3 interceptor command!
After being inspired with a lunchtime chat with Author Mr Rick Priestley the all had a chance to rummage in the Warlord HQ store & picked up more units or  indeed start whole new armies!

A little peek at whats to come in 2017

Sarissa also revealed some new buildings we plan to release in the first quarter of 2017!
building_3_aSome awesome concept designs as well, with a little bit extra…

Keep your eye’s peeled on the Warlord Games Beyond the gates of Antares facebook page for the most up to date news and more!

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Check out some of the units that were used!


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