New: Judge Dredd miniatures

We have a huge range of new models for the Judge Dredd miniatures game, from the elite heroes of the Justice Department to the most dangerous perps and mercenaries:

Upholding the law we have the Heroes of Mega-City One and the Specialist Judeges boxed sets, as well as Street Judges, Dredd himself riding his Lawmaster bike, and a Holcaust Judge in HS/1 gear. The Holocaust Squad is a specially selected, trained, and equipped unit, ready to sacrifice their lives to
save Megacity One. Members are either volunteers or are disgraced Judges that have been offered a chance at redemption.

Specialist Judges

On the streets of Mega-City One, the lowliest Street Judge has access to the full weight of the Justice Department for support, allowing him to tackle any menace, catch any perp, and solve any crime. Much of this support comes in the form of Specialist Judges, those members of the Justice Department whose training and abilities separate them their counterparts on the streets.

This set includes eight specialists, ready to reinforce your Justice Department force.

  • Med-Judge
  • Academy of Law Tutor
  • Tek-Judge
  • Flying Squad Judge
  • Space Corps Judge
  • Heavy Weapons Judge
  • Female SJS Judge
  • Exorcist Judge

Heroes of Mega-City One

Though each Judge on the streets of Mega-City One is a fearsome opponent to crime, there are some who consistently excel in their duties, going above and beyond to defend the city. The citizens of Mega-City One owe their lives to the sacrifices and efforts made by these Judges.

This set contains six of the greatest Judges to ever take to the streets of Mega-City One.

  • Judge Dredd
  • Psi-Judge Anderson
  • Judge DeMarco
  • Judge Dekker
  • Judge Giant
  • Chief Judge Hershey

Mega-City Street Gang

Every block has at least one gang, a collection of social misfits and brutal youths that ruthlessly control their territory. They spend their time terrorising citizens of their block, mugging them in plazas and shopping malls, and intimidating old-timers.

This set includes;

  • Juve Psychic
  • Juve Girl with Hangun
  • Juve with Club 1
  • Juve with Handgun 1
  • Juve with Hangun 2
  • Juve with Handgun 3
  • Juve with Handgun and Club
  • Punk with Heavy Weapon

As well as these great new boxed sets we are releasing a bunch of other miniatures too for ever-expanding Judge Dredd range!