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New: British Automated Infantry with MMG

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With their rhythmic march, the new British Automated Infantry bring a whole new meaning to mechanised warfare.


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The Automated Infantry are capable of carrying considerable firepower, these 10 ft tall automatons can be used to spearhead assaults and defend rear-guards, protecting the British solider from these dangerous and casualty-heavy tasks.

The Rift-tech advances to Alan Turing’s early computers have allowed British scientists to create a very rudimentary but effective AI, capable of carrying out orders and reacting to stimulus around it.

Coming with MMGs standard on their profile, the bare minimum number of automatons can dish out 8 shots together which can certainly keep any enemy squad on its toes. Take 5 of these and you are looking at 20 shots from this squad alone, no need for an army if you have two squads of these tin soldiers advancing relentlessly into the enemies ranks!


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Then again, why not up the firepower? For an extra 20 points you can swap out your MMG for the heavy hitting .50cal HMG, ideal for those stubborn entrenched enemy positions.


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Re-take France with the Queens new army!


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