New: Algoryn Weapon sprues!

Equip the Algoryn war machine with the latest weaponry and convert your troopers with these new weapon sprues!

Algoryn Mag guns + Mag pistol!


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The mag gun fires a burst of projectiles in form of a spike, flechette, needle, sliver or in some primitive versions, pellet. It is the everyday, effective, practical weapon carried by most troops in the Antarean universe. It is manufactured throughout the galaxy with different designs which reflect local technology levels.

Algoryn Mag Repeaters


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Mag repeaters sacrifice some of the power and range in favour of a much greater rate of fire. What they lose in range, they make up for it with more effective close range fighting. Mainly used by assault troops, they have the same technological basis as larger mag guns.

Algoryn Plasma Carbines


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Plasma weapons are highly sophisticated and adaptable weapons that combine long-range firepower with a mass of fire at closer distances. One of the greatest advantages of plasma based weaponry is that it is extremely hard hitting for the size of the weapon.

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Equip those guns with some men!


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