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New: Concord Weapon Sprues!

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The collective conscious of IMTel only arms it’s soldiers with the finest weaponry in the galaxy using the new metal Concord weapon sprues!

Concord Plasma Carbine!


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Plasma carbines are usually favoured by the Concord, used to arm their elite units and formations. Whilst mainly an elitist weapon, the standard Concord trooper is equipped with the highly dangerous and effective plasma carbine, certainly putting the Concord standard higher than most!

Concord Plasma Lances!


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The plasma lance is larger and bulkier than a standard plasma carbine and calibrated to deliver a single high-powered plasma bolt. This gives the weapon the capability of dealing with heavy armoured or highly resistant targets. Be your target a simple infantryman or a highly armoured vehicle, the plasma lance will do both jobs.

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