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New: Boromite Weapon Sprues!

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Reinforce your Boromite Guild with the latest technology they can offer.

Boromite Mag guns!


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All mag guns fire a burst of shots and can vary the rate of fire to some extent. The mag gun is the standard for each troop and basically is the standard for the Antarean Universe. Each faction has their own type, but the Boromites mag gun is rudimentary & robust, perfect as a gun or a club!

Boromite Plasma Carbine!


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Plasma weapons can usually be recognised by their distinctive plasma coil. The larger the coil the more powerful the shot but plasma weapons don’t need to be especially long as their effect is not based on velocity. The build-up of the volatile plasma is enough to decimate any foe unfortunate enough to be hit by it.

Boromite Lectro Lash + Plasma pistol + Mag pistol!


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The Lectro Lash is a kind of energy lash that is primarily seen in the hands of Boromite Lavamite trainers – it is also a favoured hand-to-hand weapon of some especially ferocious feral warriors.

Plasma weapons shoot a burst of energy that intiates an ionisation reaction – effectively a small explosion or eruption of whatever has been hit, a plasma pistol is an exact meaning of lots of damage in a small package.

The mag pistol is one of the most common of all military weapons, it has became the standard sidearm and generally the ‘go-to’ pistol for most species. All mag pistols fire a burst of metalised spikes or plugs by means of a magnetic pulse.

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For the Matriarch!


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