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Whether you’re a Ghar Outcast Rebel plundering from the aftermath of a brutal battle – or a regular Ghar outcast, it’s time to equip yourself with some fine new weaponry – the new metal Ghar Outcast weapon sprue!


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The Maglash is a short ranged magnetic impulsive weapon that can also be used in hand-to-hand fighting after the fashion of a whip. The Maglash is carried by Ghar Outcast slave drivers amongst others, but is not an especially common weapon and most Antareans would consider it a barbaric one.

Luggers are cheaply made automatic weapons that shoot crude bullets using a volatile and unreliable chemical propellant. Such weapons are practically unknown in the rest of Antarean space. They are not ineffective at close ranges, although n the hands of Ghar Outcasts the chances of hitting anything are slim.

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