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If it’s by the councils’ will, then your Isorian warriors will be equipped with the latest weaponry – time to prepair your conversion equipment and use the new metal Isorian weapon sprues!

Isorian plasma carbine Sprue


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Just like their distant brethren, the Concord, the Isorians standard weapon is the plasma carbine. It combines long-range firepower with mass of fire at closer distances, making it almost the perfect weapon for any scenario!

Isorian plasma lance & plasma pistol Sprue


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Heavier and more powerful, the plasma lance also comes equipped with two firing modes, one-upping the standard plasma carbine. The other mode gives the weapon its very name, the lance. Which is a single calibrated shot of intense plasma designed for highly resistant or heavily armoured targets.

The plasma pistol has become the stable for all elite units, what it lacks in size it makes up for in stopping power. Only this pistol would be suitable sidearm for you collective, nothing else will be able to match it!

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