Judge Dredd: City Justice

With the recent release of the Brit Cit Judges Box Set for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, Warlord writer (and all-round Dredd-head!) Sam Phillips couldn’t wait to get his hands on the new models to try them for himself…


Sharing many qualities with those of the Mega City Justice Department, the Brit Cit are under the leadership of their Chief Judiciary, answering directly to Parliament. These judges are well trained and equally well equipped, having access to a myriad of weaponry and armour. One key difference between the two forces is that each judge is paid for their work, and once their shifts are over, these judges go back to their normal family lives.

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The Brit Cit Department is more lenient when dealing with crime, often bogged down in paperwork just as much as dealing with crime on the streets. The judges can also purchase their positions within the department, stopping just short of the top ranks.

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The new boxed set contains enough Judges to give you a core force, with the option of having a Para Judge, Street Judge or Detective leading it. These can be used to form a hard hitting one-off game, with plenty of heroes aside to bring Justice to the streets, or they can be used as part of a campaign, with most of the Judges using the Rookie profile included in the Mega City Judges mob list. Just give them the equipment stat lines of the street judges, giving a handgun to each.


Each Street Judge can swap out his handgun for a Bumf gun. This non-lethal rifle fires zonk shells that can knock people to the ground as powerful intoxicants make them helpless! The Para judges are aloof and arrogant at times, but are well trained in psychic capabilities. The Detectives lead from the front, with their famous blue armoured trench coats further distinguishing them in the force.

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This force makes an interesting take on the Justice Department, a different kind of flavour in which to dispense justice.

Article written by Sam Phillips