Hobby: Judge Dredd: Tek Judges

Judge Dredd: Tek Judges

Sam Phillips – our expert on all things Dredd – delves into the specialty of a Tek Judge, how do you get the best out of such a skilled Law Keeper in the game?


To maintain the Justice Department’s cadre of vehicles, specialist Judges are often needed in the field. Tek Judges are trained to fix almost any problem on any vehicle. These highly skilled individuals are selected for their intellect, creativity and their mechanical knowledge. Tek Judges continue to develop new weaponry, handle forensic investigations and are often utilised as drivers, their skill at being able to fix their accompanying vehicles are a real asset to the Justice Department. It’s these men and women that quite literally keep the mechanical cogs turning for the judges.

In the game: Tek Jdges have a unique special rule, ‘Can We Fix It’. This means a Tek Judge can attempt to repair any vehicle that he is onboard or is in contact with. He can try to restore a lost hit or repair an existing critical hit by performing a Special action and by passing a Will check.The Can We Fix It’ campaign skill also means that he can repair two Hits on a damaged vehicle for 1/10th the vehicles cost, instead of just one!

Tek Judges have the ‘Bodge n’ Fix’ passive rule too– when he is on board a vehicle, he will receive a -1 to the roll on the Critical Hit table.

Top Tip: A Tek Judge is a level 1 hero so upgrade his lightweight armour to standard issue armour instead – this will give him more survivability in-game, then stick him in a Manta Prowl Tank and the tank suddenly becomes even harder to take out! Nasty…

Alternatively, the Judge can take a Lawmaster bike, meaning he can zip around the board repairing vehicles then getting out of the way should the enemy prove too much of a threat. Tek Judges are not suited to front line combat, as they only have 2 hit points – considerably less than other heroes of the Justice Department, so should not be exposed to the enemy unsupported.

20150706_100236Tactics: Give him a small escort of Lawmaster-mounted Street Judges, effectively providing a shield for him whilst he can do his duty. He is still a Judge, and can arrest perps just as well as his Street Judge colleagues! Armed with the stalwart Lawgiver, these Judges are a real asset to the whole department.


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