Bolt Action, Bolt Action - German, Work in Progress

Work in Progress: Plastic German Panzergrenadiers

12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

The final offering in our 12 Days of Christmas is this early look at work-in-progess of the 3-ups for our forthcoming plastic panzergrenadiers, fresh from Wojtek’s workbench.


As befits late war German soldiers they wear a mix of uniform styles – from the short M44 pattern tunic to the zeltbahn tent quarters.



As anyone with even a vague interest in the forces of the Third reich will know, you can paint these to be fielded as regular German Army troops in field grey uniforms, interspersed with the occasional garment made from Italian camouflage material and the trademark zeltbahn ponchos. Or you could paint these battle-hardened troops as the Waffen-SS in their distinctive camouflage patterned uniform.