English Civil Wars, Pike & Shotte, Thirty Years War, Work in Progress

Work-in-Progress: Pike & Shotte Command Models

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 11

For our penultimate Christmas treat we have some just-sculpted shots of these Pike & Shotte command groups.


With our next supplement to be released being The Devil’s Playground, covering the Thirty Years War, Warlord sculptor Wojtek (yes, he is Polish, now you mention it…) has been slaving away on several new models for our English Civil Wars and Thirty Years War ranges – these are just a few of his offerings…


As you can see they are supplied with separate hats/helmets so with the addition of Scots bonnets, Morion helmets, etc you have anew set of models for your army, no matter what country, faith, or region they are from. Partizans, standard poles and halberds are similarly separate giving even greater variety – we’ve even made a Jingling Johnny for you…