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Work-in-Progress: Algoryn Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer

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12 Days of Christmas – Day 11

It’s time for the eleventh entry in this year’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ series of previews!

This is a render of the Algoryn Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer – the standard heavy suspensor platform used by the Algoryn to mount a variety of heavy weapons. Bigger, heavier and more heavily protected than lighter combat skimmers, it combines fixed hyperlight defences with patches of kinetic shielding. Crew are confined to stations protected by individual hyperlight cells enclosing reinforced composite shells.

With its extra armour and heavy weaponry the Bastion is a sedate machine suitable only for specific duties. It is used as a mobile mount for heavy weapons, in which capacity it often operates from static positions at some distance from the target. It is also used as a heavy breakthrough weapon, smashing through enemy lines and opening a way for faster, more lightly armed forces.

Please note that this model has not yet entered production, so is still subject to change before release.

Check back tomorrow for a round-up of this year’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ to ensure you haven’t missed any of the special previews…