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Character Focus: Who is – Max Bubba?

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With the release of Warlord Games’ Strontium Dog: The Good, The Bad and The Mutie, it’s time to delve into the Doghouse and introduce our main villain… Who is – Max Bubba?


Temporal crime? You’ve come to the right place!

Max Bubba, the mutant criminal, has a bone to pick with humanity. In the 22nd Century, following a devastating nuclear war, humanity treats the mutants of Earth as second-class citizens – sent off-world, they are forced to do the only job they can: bounty hunting.

Mutant Gang Lord Max Bubba isn’t happy about this and he wants his revenge.

Along with his henchmen, Impetigo Jones, Brute Mosely, and Skull, Bubba goes back to Norway in the year 793 AD to carry out a bold and wild plan: killing off humanity’s ancestors, the Vikings. This would eliminate all of human history and so Bubba would get his revenge against those who treated him like dirt.

Bubba was stopped, however, by Strontium Dog Johnny Alpha and his new ally, Viking Wulf Sternhammer.

Bubba returned to his own time but never stopped looking for revenge. Tracking down Alpha and Sternhammer to the planet Smiley, Bubba and his gang staked the pair out in the blazing sun and Wulf was shot dead in a hail of bullets when he tried to escape.
Wulf’s death was a traumatic event for Johnny, causing him overwhelming grief … and inconsolable rage. To avenge his friend, he meticulously hunted down and killed Bubba and his gang.

Max Bubba appears in 24 issues of 2000 AD’s Strontium Dog strip and is rightfully considered Johnny’s ultimate nemesis.




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