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New: Strontium Dog – SD Agents

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes – quite literally in the Strontium Dog universe! Unleash the Strontium Dogs with the new SD Agents set! View in Store An angry, uncouth Scotsman with a penchant for the bottle, Archibald ‘Middenface’ McNulty joins Johnny Alpha on many jobs and is only too happy to ‘dish oot…

Products, Strontium Dog

New: Strontium Dog – The Weerds

The Weerd Brothers are back for vengeance as they come onto your table top! View in Store The Weerd brothers, Cuss, Hiss and Silent, fought alongside Johnny Alpha during the first mutant war. They joined the Search/Destroy agency at the end of the war to cash in on their deadly skills. Becoming somehow trapped in…

Products, Strontium Dog

New: Strontium Dog – The Stix Brothers

The identical mercenaries, the Stix Brothers are ready to fight for your cause, for the right price… View in Store The Stix brothers come from an unknown number of apparently identical mutants, all of whom are contracted to the Search/ Destroy agency. They are on the whole utterly mercenary and without scruples – ice-hearted killers…