Webstore: Japanese Island Defence Force 1500pt

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The Special Naval Landing Force troops were some of the best of all Japan’s fighting men. Deployed in amphibious landings, their well planned and fanatical attacks won them many victories. If however they encountered a determined defence their light equipment often meant defeat. After one such defeat by an Australian force at Milne Bay, New Guinea, they would often be reduced to Garrison duty, where many were to fall resisting the US Marines.

  • SNLF First Lt (Veteran) 90 pts
  • SNLF medic (Veteran) 30 pts
  • IJA Forward Observer – Artillery (Veteran) 115 pts
  • IJA Major (Regular) 150 pts
  • IJA Kempeitai Political Officer (in experienced) 15 pts
  • SNLF Squad 1 (Veteran) 1 NCO + 11 men (2 Sub MG, 1 LMG) 179 pts
  • SNLF Squad 2 (Veteran) 1 NCO + 11 men (2 Sub MG, 1 LMG) 179 pts
  • SNLF Grenadier Squad (Veteran) 1 NCO + 12 men (1 Sub MG, 2 light mortars, AT Grenades) 248 pts
  • SNLF Sniper team (Veteran) 67 pts
  • IJA Flame thrower team (Regular) AT Grenades 54 pts
  • SNLF Medium Machine Gun Team (Veteran) 65 pts
  • IJA Medium Mortar Team (Regular) + Observer 60 pts
  • type 1 47mm AT gun (Regular) 75 pts
  • type 91 105mm field gun (Regular) 85 pts
  • type 95 Ho-Ga light tank (Regular) 90 pts


  • Imperial Japanese HQ
  • Japanese Special Naval Landing Force Plastic box set
  • IJA veteran squad
  • Imperial Japanese Sniper & Flamethrower teams
  • Imperial Japanese MMG Team
  • Japanese Type 97 81mm Mortar
  • NEW: Type 1 47mm AT gun
  • NEW: Type 91 105mm field gun
  • type 95 Ho-Ga light tank
  • Sarissa Watch Tower K007
  • Japanese Tank Decals
  • A grand total of 64 troops, 3 weapons (including the 2 latest guns – the 47mm Anti Tank Gun and the 105mm Howitzer), 1 watch tower, plus decals, and a tank!

    If you build your army as per the 1500pt list above you’ll have a spare infantry man or two, simply convert them to your hearts desire as casualties or objective markers.

    Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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