Webstore: Battlefield Objectives – Fuel Supply

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Armies are advancing across the war strewn battlefields of the world, but they can only do so with the vast mountains of supplies required to keep men and machines in the fight!

Ammo and fuel dumps are all ways going to be prime targets for a raid and this set has been designed for summer campaigns and scenarios based around capture or destroy the fuel dump.

This set contains:

1 multi part hard plastic Wrecked House

2 resin quarter circle Sandbag Emplacements

3 sets of resin Oil Barrel piles

1 set of 6 single Metal Oil Barrels

1 set of 4Ground unpainted laser etched MDF Barbed Wire Barricades

And not to forget with each Battlefield Objective set we’ll include our special objective markers Hanz Hoch as a POW with Partisan escort absolutely FREE