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Website Updated!

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Over the last few weeks we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes to refresh the Warlord website. We are always working to update the site  and over the next weeks and months you will see more of the fruits of our labours.

The first updates are the addition of  ‘portal pages’ for each of  our ranges as seen below. Each portal page will allow you to navigate to the area you’re most interested in – painting advice, gaming ideas, the webstore, etc.

You can access the portal pages via the images on our homepage although for completeness sake here they are:

As you can see below we’ve already re-indexed previous articles to help you find them more easily in the relevant sections.

Articles are listed by section for easy reference and are updated on a weekly basis. As always you can receive links to the latest new articles right in your inbox from the Warlord Games Newsletter.

As you can see from the sample article below there is lots to inspire wargamers old and new. We have loads more material to roll out over the coming weeks for all the ranges.

Whilst we’re going to be writing and adding more content to the site in terms of hobby advice, gaming material and the like we’re very interested in  material from you lot!

If you fancy knocking together a painting guide, an article on some aspect of history, a scenario, or similar drop Paul a line at – we’d love to hear from you!