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Updated: Antares Product Range

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With the finalised version of the Beyond the Gates of Antares Rules having been released a few weeks ago now, and further supporting releases pouring-out over the coming months, we’ve revisited the existing product range and made a few tweaks here-and-there to bring everything more into line with the finalised rules set, in order to avoid any confusion and to offer more options for your forces!




The majority of changes have been to the metal boxed squad sets – in most cases, we’ve boosted them up from 5-man sets to 7-man squads – giving you additional troops to flesh-out your units as you see fit.

We’ve also been through many of the support teams (Mag Light Supports, X-Launchers etc) and we’ve included additional models where applicable – giving you the option of adding an additional crewman, or upgrading one to a leader!



The keen-eyed amongst you will also notice that there are a few brand new, unreleased models included in these changes – a brand new Mhagris, 2 new Freeborn crewmen, and a new Concord weapons crewman!




Of course, keeping things in-line with the recent Army Deal releases and our latest Antares offerings, we’re throwing-in these additional models at no further charge…





There are exceptions – some will be boosted up to six figure units (such as the Concord Drop Troops,) as they’re larger models…. and other box sets will stay the same (mainly for rules purposes.)

It should also be noted that due to feedback from the community, we are removing the free Order Dice which was formerly included with the box sets – which seemed to cause some confusion. This move again brings more consistency to the range. Of course, you can always purchase Order Dice in whichever colour you prefer through the webstore!

Please make sure that you check each product’s listing on the webstore thoroughly to ensure that you’re sure of the content before finalising your purchase – and if you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to raise them with our customer service team, who will be happy to help.