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At midnight on the morning of the D-Day attack, a different – and perhaps lesser-known – kind of invasion launched from the air. The first Allied troops to get their boots on the ground that day were from the Pathfinders. While all the airborne were considered elite, the Pathfinders were in a class by themselves. Their mission was to drop behind enemy lines in advance of the larger airborne landings to establish drop zones, plant radio beacons, and navigation lights for the aircraft to find.

Just after midnight, 20 C-47s crossed into Axis airspace carrying about 200 Pathfinders. What happened next would turn out to be a preview of the rest of the airborne assault: the planes were scattered by intense anti-aircraft fire and low clouds. As a result, most of the Pathfinders would not find their designated landing zones. Others would find their landing zones flooded or crawling with the enemy.

They pushed on with their mission regardless and set up as many beacons as they could. Many Pathfinders were so close to enemy defenders that they couldn’t set up their lights without giving their positions away. Landing less than an hour before the main airborne forces, there was no room for improvisation, so the Pathfinders simply had to do the best they could.


At any rate, the hornet’s nest had been kicked, and the stage was set for the largest airborne operation in history to that date.


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Article written by Richard Dando