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Tiger Hunt! Mini Game – Winners Announced!

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A few weeks ago, we launched a fun mini-game called Tiger Hunt – with the chance for 5 lucky winners to get their hands on a copy of the fantastic Armoured Fury starter set….

The time has come to announce the winners. So, without further ado… drum roll, please lads!

Drummers from Dutch Cycle Unit

Our 5 Lucky Winners of the ‘Armoured Fury’ Starter Set are:

Colleen Haskell
Dean James
Marc Lenz
Bryan Nuri
Richard Anderson

We’ll publish the Runners Up, who each win a plastic Panther tank kit, on our Facebook page.

We’ll be in contact with all the winners as soon as possible to confirm your details and will have your prizes shipped out to you!

In the mean time, warm up the engine, check your sights and prepare for Tank War!


Tank War!