Hunt the Tiger

Play our mini-game and destroy the Tiger tank!

How To Play

1. Turn up your volume - it's more fun with the sound on!

2. Click the PLAY NOW button.

3. Somewhere on the grid of squares is a German Tiger tank, lying in ambush. Click anywhere on the grid to fire a shot at that square. The game will give you clues as to how close you are. The aim is to get a direct hit with as few shots as possible.

Report For Duty:

Enter your details so we can contact the winners:

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Open Fire!

Click where you want to aim.

Direct Hit - Target Destroyed!

Glancing Hit!

Adjust aim 1 square.

Near Miss!

2 squares away.


Within 3 or 4 squares.

Try Again

4 to 8 squares away.

Miles Off!

Try a different area.

Thanks for Playing

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