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Konflikt '47, Products

Konflikt ’47: US Paragon Squad

The US launch their answer to German super-soldiers – the enhanced soldiery of the Paragon programme are hunters of the dreaded Nachtjäger. The US Paragon programme is a highly secret application of Rift-tech science that looks to enhance human genetics and biology at a molecular level. Results have been highly variable but the success rate…

Konflikt '47, Products

Collecting Konflikt ’47: Frostbite Alley

Frostbite Alley is a fantastically easy entry point into the weird war of Konflikt ’47, with winter-worn Soviets facing embittered Finnish guerillas…   The worst winter in recorded history has choked Scandinavia under heaps of ice and snow. As spring became summer, winter’s grasp on the Finnish forests slackened slightly, allowing Finnish, Soviet and German…

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Re-Released! Bolt Action Characters

As we continue to sort out the various boxes, moulds, etc from our purchase of Bolt Action we continue to find miniatures we’ve overlooked. This week we have four such gems for you. First up are two not entirely serious miniatures ideal for your ‘wierd war’ games – British Vampire Hunter Major Terntadust and his…