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New: Pegasus Bridge Benouville D-Day 1944

Looking for some inspiration or simply passing the time? Well, these new Osprey books might just be what you need. View in Store Author: Will Fowler Illustrator: Johnny Shumate, Alan Gilliland, Tim Brown Number of Pages: 64 About This Product The night before D-Day, light infantry and a detachment of Royal Engineers landed by gliders…

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Focus: Pegasus Bridge battle set

The Mission The mission, in the opening minutes of the Normandy landings 6th June 1944, was to capture the Bénouville Bridge and the nearby Ranville Bridge in order to prevent German reinforcements from reaching the beaches, where Allied forces were pouring ashore. 180 men, led by Major John Howard, landed close to their targets in…

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Win Pegasus Bridge!

For the rest of April from today, every order we receive will be entered into a prize draw to win our huge Pegasus Bridge battle set! Loads of people were drooling over this stonking kit at Salute over the weekend, so we thought we’d give everyone a chance to get their hands on one. Every…