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The Jedburgh Teams in Normandy

The Jedburgh Teams in Normandy

There were several resistance movements throughout occupied Europe. With their ability to disrupt German communications and movements from behind enemy lines, they were a critical resource to the coming invasion. Their members were also at high risk of being captured and killed. The Allied high command realized that without help, many of these groups would…

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Close Quarters: The Yugoslav Tiger Fleet

Tito’s partisans were one of the most effective resistance movements in occupied Europe. The Yugoslav Tiger fleet ruled the Adriatic! With the support of both the Western Allies and the Soviet Union, Communist Party leader Josip Tito forged several disparate bands of resistance fighters into one of the most formidable irregular forces in occupied Europe….

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Focus: Bolt Action Partisans!

Our Bolt Action Partisans allow you to fight out classic encounters such as ambushes, snatch squads, and other interesting scenarios. Filled with character these models will add an extra dimension to your games and could easily be used in other game systems too! View in Store These miniatures are perfect for representing the forces of the…

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Units in Profile: French Resistance

Patriots had been fighting the Germans ever since the fall of France. Hundreds of small groups were constantly sabotaging rail lines, demolishing German supply depots and sending invaluable information to the Allies. A small movement at first, it grew to over 100,000 members by D-Day. In true cloak-and-dagger fashion, these brave men and women risked torture and death to get…