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Close Quarters: The Yugoslav Tiger Fleet

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Tito’s partisans were one of the most effective resistance movements in occupied Europe. The Yugoslav Tiger fleet ruled the Adriatic!

With the support of both the Western Allies and the Soviet Union, Communist Party leader Josip Tito forged several disparate bands of resistance fighters into one of the most formidable irregular forces in occupied Europe. By the end of the war, Tito’s National Liberation Army boasted 52 divisions and numbered 800,000 men.

To support his burgeoning military force, Tito created an air force and a navy – the so-called Tiger Fleet. Built from captured ships and fishing boats, the partisan fleet creates a fantastic conversion opportunity for Cruel Seas players!

Close Quarters

Close Quarters is jam-packed full of new scenarios, army lists and units, one of which covers the Yugoslav Tiger fleet. You’ll find all the information you need to get your flotilla on the Adriatic.

You’ll also be able to run custom scenarios and campaigns, pitting your plucky partisans against both Italian and German fleets in defence of your homeland!


Yugolav Partisan Fleet

Formed in 1942 from a collection of fishing smacks, the partisan fleet was created to engage German and Italian forces up and down the Adriatic coast, while also supplying partisan detachments on isolated islands and conducting amphibious operations against German garrisons.

Yugoslav Patrol Craft

At its height, the navy had 10 armed ships, 30 patrol boats and dozens of unarmed support craft. None of these ships were alike – each one used a different hull (a yacht, fishing boat or captured military vessel) as a base, and then mounted a huge array of weaponry – from the standard array of 40mm & 20mm guns to things like mortars and rocket launchers.

This gives you plenty of opportunity to convert and personalise your own flotilla by taking an existing ship and modifying its weapon loadout by using one of the weapons packs. We recommend using the following ships for your partisan force!


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