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New: Ghar Battle Squad and Assault Squad

You’ve all been waiting for them, and this week they’re finally here! Where the majority of advanced Antarean civilisations have long since progressed to a post-mechanical age based upon structural suspensor technology, the technically backward Ghar Empire have no understanding or liking for such things. Instead, Ghar war machines have crude mechanical interfaces, with metal moving against…

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Out Now: Beyond the Gates of Antares Launch Edition Starter Set

Beyond the Gates of Antares is the new science-fiction skirmish wargame from the mind of industry legend Rick Priestley (the creator of Warhammer 40,000) that pitches technologically advanced human civilizations into a conflict that no one can afford to lose. View in Store The game is rich in detail and extremely ambitious in scope with…

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Shipping Now: Germany Strikes!: Early War in Europe – Bolt Action Theatre Book

Our latest supplement for Bolt Action: Germany Strikes! and the exclusive Mad Jack Churchill figure are now shipping to all of you who placed a pre-order! In 1939, Germany shattered the peace of Europe with a lightning-fast strike against Poland. The next year, it captured Denmark and Norway, before launching its famous Blitzkrieg against France,…