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Pre-order: Plastic Panzer III

In a daring break from the norm, we’re here to cure those Monday blues with some brand-spanking-new plastic goodness…
Hold on to your hats, because as of today, our plastic Panzer III kit (which can be assembled to represent the Ausf J, L, M or N versions!) is available to pre-order!

Panzer III (Plastic Box)


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The Panzer III was one of the most numerous German tanks of the war, and was the mainstay of German armoured forces when they invaded the Soviet Union. It was well armoured and equipped with the 5cm KwK 38 L/42 cannon – an effective anti-tank weapon, and the 7.5cm KwK 37 L/24 cannon – used in an infantry support role.
By the end of June 1942, ahead of the German Summer offensive in the Soviet Union, around 600 Pz IIIs mounting the 5cm KwK L/60 were ready for action at the front. Ausf L were issued to the newly-formed panzer regiments of the 1st Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, 2nd Das Reich and 3rd Totenkopf SS-Panzergrenadier Divisions, and the Panzergrenadier Division, Grossdeutschland.

Our plastic Panzer III kit can be assembled to represent either the J, L, M or N variants;

Panzer III J


Panzer III L

Panzer III M/N

And as with all of our plastic tanks, we’re also releasing the Panzer III Zug – which contains 3 of these plastic kits – ideal for Tank War!

Panzer III Zug


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