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Pre-Order: Fallschirmjager plastic boxed set

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Amongst the most elite of German troops, the German Airborne – the Fallschirmjӓger – are here in hard plastic!


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The world’s first paratroopers to be used in large numbers, the German Fallschirmjager were at the tip of the spear when war broke out in 1939. They led daring assaults on strategic targets, such as the fortress at Eben Emael, enabling the following panzers to overrun Europe.

As a paratrooper force the Fallschirmjӓger’s greatest achievement would be the intense fighting they performed as they spearheaded Operation Mercury and seized Crete in the face of more numerous British and Commonwealth forces during 1941. However the heavy casualties suffered meant that they were never again used en masse as an airlanded force.

Small units still operated by glider and parachute, famously rescuing Italian leader Mussolini from his mountain top prison, and raiding behind American lines in the Ardennes. Their finest hour would undoubtedly be the bitter fighting as they occupied the monastery at Monte Cassino for months in the face of overwhelming odds, earning themselves the nickname ‘Green Devils’. The German Paratroopers were arguably the toughest in a tough army.


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Warlord Games Fallschirmjӓger miniatures are ideally suited for battles in North West Europe and can also be used in actions on the Russian Front. For those of you wanting to make earlier German Airborne troops you can utilise the uncovered helmets and paint the models in plain uniforms rather than camouflage jump smocks, although not al of the box contents is really suited to the early war Fallschirmjäger.

The new plastic Fallschirmjӓger are totally compatible with our other German sprues such as the Grenadiers German weapons sprue and Blitzkrieg plastics.

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Read more about this elite force in Osprey Publishing’s Warrior series Fallschirmjӓger German Paratrooper 1935-45

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Complete your collection with a full Fallschirmjӓger Starter Army:


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