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Project Z: The final countdown!

We’re in the last few days before the initial Project Z bundle offer comes to a close this Friday 11th March, we’ve prepared a feast of eye candy to wet your slavering chops on as Warlorder Rich.D frantically wrestles with his video camera and the Zombies advance! To kick things off, we’ve filmed the Motorbike Gang…

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Duel in the Sun: Pre-Order Now for Early Delivery!

The heat builds up as we go from one theatre with extreme conditions to another, this time desert warfare in the African and Italian campaigns. Duel In The Sun is now available to Pre-Order! …but first – a quick note from the editor… Please note that we have now received our first shipment of stock of…


Webstore: Tank War – Bolt Action supplement

Tank War, the new supplement for Bolt Action, gives players the option to expand their games to a whole new level – armoured warfare. Recreate such great engagements as the battle of Kursk with the scenarios, army options and special rules found in this book. Whether you want to add more armour to your existing…