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New: Laffly S20 TL personnel carrier

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Bolt Action French commanders receive a timely boost to their forces flexibility and mobility with a new transport – the Laffly S20 TL personnel carrier:

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The six-wheeled Laffly S20 was an innovative design which featured an additional set of small wheels in front and another set suspended beneath the driver’s cab, to aid the vehicle when crossing ditches and obstacles. Perfect for the motorised dragoon (dragons portes) regiments, which were part of the French cavalry’s light mechanised divisions (DLM). The vehicle is also know as the voiture de dragons portes. It could carry ten men and was provided with machine gun mounts to be used by transported infantry.

Laffly S20TL

As well as a troop transporter it acted as a portee carrier for the 25mm Hotchkiss gun. The 3e BDP started carrying their anti-tank guns in their vehicles with the guns mounted facing backwards or forward with the windscreen lowered. Yes, we plan to bring you this vehcile too in the future!


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Rules for the Laffly S20 TL personnel carrier can be found in Armies of France and the Allies supplement for Bolt Action.

All copies of the book ship with the free and exclusive figure of the decorated French resistance fighter Simone Segouin (also known under the nom de guerre ‘Nicole Minet’).

Paul Hicks has sculpted the miniature and I am sure you will agree he has done a cracking job to capture her likeness as seen in the photograph below.

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Here are just a few of the large range of models whose rules are also included in the book: