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Spotlight: Warlord Games M2 Bag by Battle Foam!

You’ve collected your troops now its time to transport them to Battle! The Warlord Games M2 Bag by Battle Foam lives up to its name – tough and able to get your troops in and out of battle without a scratch. Each case is built with a rigid plastic interior for durability.

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The M2 also has pockets built in for books, tape measures, counters and dice packs – everything you need for your Bolt Action games.

The bag has the ability to be opened from the top and front. The foam trays included with the M2 have been designed to fit all of the vehicles and troops offered in the Bolt Action collection.

The Warlord Games M2 Bag comes with five different foam tray designs that cover everything from individual infantry or weapons teams to enough space for artillery and tanks – you can even squeeze the Big Cats in!

You will receive the following foam trays with this load out:

  • 2x 1.5 inch troop trays – each with space for 48 infantry men and 5 weapons teams
  • 2x 2 inch weapon teams and small vehicle trays – each with space for 5 65mm/2.5 inch weapons, 4 Jeep sized vehicles, 4x Universal Carrier sized vehicles and 7x Hanomag sized vehicles
  • 1x 3.5 inch large vehicle tray – with space for 10 large tanks
  • 3x .25 inch foam toppers

This mix allows for the best combination, giving you enough space to field a couple of smaller armies or a Soviet horde. With enough space to carry the models upright or on their side, there is no risk of damage as you move your forces around.

Another great feature of the M2 Bag is the ability to identify your bag. To tackle this we have made a Velcro friendly area on the top of the case. A Bolt Action patch is provided or you could use your own.

These features make the M2 Bag a must for any Bolt Action enthusiast.

  • Durable, light weight design.
  • Rugged construction featuring triple stitching.
  • Canvas exterior with rigid plastic inner shell that resists crushing.
  • Extra pockets for books and gaming aids
  • Foam trays made specifically for 28mm Bolt Action models.
  • Removable shoulder strap with metal clips and bindings.
  • The ability to personalise with a name tape and unit patch.
  • Unique “pick & pluck” tank storage

Bag Dimensions – 18W x 14L x 14H” (457W x 356L x 356H mm)

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(Models, books and gaming accessories are not included with this purchase.)

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