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New: Ghar Battle Squad and Assault Squad

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You’ve all been waiting for them, and this week they’re finally here!


Where the majority of advanced Antarean civilisations have long since progressed to a post-mechanical age based upon structural suspensor technology, the technically backward Ghar Empire have no understanding or liking for such things.

Instead, Ghar war machines have crude mechanical interfaces, with metal moving against metal activated by physical transmission, hydraulics and magnetic couplings. Ghar crew rely upon neural interfaces and spinal plugs as well as crude photoelectric and even mechanical activators.



Taking to the battlefield encased within lumbering multi-legged armoured suits, the Ghar rely heavily upon plasma reactors to power their suits – channelling raw plasma via wildly fluctuating magnetic power lines.

Likewise, their armour is less advanced than many of the other factions which inhabit Antarean space – they use thick layers of rigid materials as opposed to nano-cored composites or the advanced shield technology of the likes of the C3 forces.

The resultant weight of their crude armour is overcome by the tremendous power generated by their plasma reactors. Overall it is a recipe for disaster, although whether for the Ghar or their enemies is anyone’s guess.

Ghar Battle Squad


Ghar military formations are built around units of battle-armoured infantry armed with standard claws and multi-functional scourer cannons. These troops make up the overwhelming proportion of Ghar forces together with other battle-suited troopers carrying specialised arms of one kind or other. Ghar battle armour is in many ways more like a small vehicle than conventional armour, a self-contained fighting machine whose pilot occupies a tiny cell within it and interfaces with the machine by means of neural implants.


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Ghar Assault Squad


Assault Squads instead wear battlesuits fitted with the more powerful Plasma Claws – designed to tear the enemy apart at close quarters.

The Ghar’s battlesuit feeds plasma from its unstable plasma reactor into magnetic containment fields built into the claw. Whilst unpredictable, this gives any Ghar so equipped the potential means to tear through most defences it is likely to encounter… and if it happens to encounter enemy troops or vehicles along the way, they can just as easily be dealt with.


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If you’re new to Beyond the Gates of Antares, and are looking to get started collecting a Ghar force – there’s no better place to start than with the Rulebook and the Ghar Empire Starter Army – which – at just £50, contains everything you need to get started!

  • 2x Plastic Battle Squad (3 walkers each) – (368 points)
  • Plastic Assault Squad (3 walkers) – (184 points)
  • Metal Ghar Outcast Squad (6) with Disruptor Cannon – (67 points)
  • Metal Ghar Flitter shard (4) – (20 points)

This can comfortably be built into a 750 point Skirmish Force by adding in Army Options ( from page 159 of the Rulebook) and upgrading with squad options from the Ghar Army List (Page 168-171).


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And of course – if the Ghar don’t tempt you into their ranks, why not check out some of our other recently launched Army Deals for Beyond the Gates of Antares – all of which have been designed as the ideal starting point for new players:

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