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Continuing our recent article series showcasing community colour schemes for Beyond the Gates of Antares, this week we’re dipping into the Warlord Forums and Facebook Group to track-down Boromite forces!


In the distant past, the ancestors of the Boromites were bio-engineered for hard and dangerous work in extreme environments. As a result they are able to endure extremes of pressure and temperature that would soon kill any other human. Boromites are amongst the most visibly different of all panhuman mutants, with their broad, robust bodies and thick, gnarly hides studded with horny nodules. Their name derives from the mining colonies of Borom, a system that consists of a densely packed asteroid annulus but no planets. Today the Boromites have spread throughout Antarean space and can be found upon worlds within the Panhuman Concord, the Isorian Shard, and beyond. They have no worlds of their own. Instead, they form an itinerant work force with its own distinctive cultural identity and secretive customs. They easily avoid becoming absorbed into the societies they live amongst because their primitive minds do not interact freely with the Intergrated Machine Intelligences of more sophisticated cultures. As a consequence they remain almost entirely hidden, even amongst highly regulated autocratic societies, a reclusive and insular sub-culture with its own values and social mores.

Although they are spread throughout Antarean space, Boromites maintain strong contacts with each other via the trading networks of the Freeborn. Boromite labour gangs are but one of the services regularly traded by the Vardos of the Freeborn. Individual work gangs are small social units – clans that comprise a number of closely related families – multiple gangs are formed into competing Guilds. These Guilds and labour gangs also form the basis for military action. All Boromite workers are also warriors, and their labour organisations also provide the basis of their military organisation. Although competing Guilds are rivals – sometimes bitterly so – different Guilds will often band together to fight a common enemy. Several Guilds have to work in concert to undertake a major operation, such as to secure a mineral rich planet or asteroid. Because they are spread throughout space, Boromite gangs can also be found in the fighting forces of other societies, where their hardiness and determination make them highly valued fighters. Boromite gangers carry the common weapons of Antarean space, but in addition they uniquely make use of weapons developed from mining tools, including mass compactors, tractor mauls and frag borers. Reflex shielding is also common – the metallic nodes that support the enclosing armour field are often fixed directly into the wearer’s thick hide.

Boromites from Beta 2

In Beyond the Gates of Antares, there are no ‘set’ or even ‘standard’ paint schemes – the universe is incredibly vast and varied – so Boromites come in a vast variety of skin colours depending upon their location and circumstance. Some might be brightly coloured if they’ve evolved in a vibrant environment, whereas others might perhaps be more blandly coloured in dull colours if it better camouflages them to suit their environment…

The possibilities are near-endless – so we’ve drawn-together just some of our favourite paint schemes that have cropped-up among the community so far… from both the official Antares Facebook Group – and the Warlord Forum.


Andy Thorngate


Anthony Evans



Brad Robert



Brian Jenkins

Brian Ward



Chris Lewis



Christian Stewart



Clarence Harrison

Clarence Harrison Boromites


David Horobin


Donald Hauser



Flick Mccom


Gareth White



Jens Osterberg



Jez Allum



Mark Sheppard



Matt Houghton

Matt Houghton Boromites (1)


Sam Phillips



Steve Kemp



Juan Mancheno

Juan posted his Command Squad on his blog




Darren Bolton


Einar Olafson

Beasts of War


If you’d like to try out your own colour schemes on our Boromites – what better way to get started than with our Boromite Skirmish Force deal!


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