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Preview: Ancient German Tribesmen

A long-promised boxed set is about to become a reality! Our next Ancient Armies boxed set will be German Tribesmen. These ferocious, hirsute warriors caused mayhem for the Armies of Rome and the models are looking superb. As with our Ancient Britons and  Dacians, this boxed set uses a lot of metal components added to…

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Spotlight: Terrain

While we are quite proud of our extensive miniature lines for Ancient Imperial Romans, Celts, Bolt Action WW2 , and Pike & Shotte, there’s more to Warlord than just model soldiers. We also have an extensive line of detailed tabletop scenery to add some more excitement to your wargames table. So, come along with us…

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Preview: Celtic Archers

Lucky for you that Paul has fast hands (must come from working hard to grab that last bacon butty). He managed to snatch these sculpts back from the mouldmaker in time to take these snaps. Great models for adding extra firepower to your Celt, Dacian (on the way very soon!) and, if you’re that way…