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r Phil Hendry has, once again, come up with the goods in the painting department and here you can see painted examples of our recently released Celtic Archers. Ideal for use in Celtic, Dacian, German and British armies. Of course, you can get your mitts on them here in the Warlord webstore.


Whether your Celt army hails from the rolling hills, valleys, and mountains of the ancient European continent or the bright green pastures and murky bogs of Britannia, our new metal Celt Archers are perfect for giving your infantry some long-ranged hitting power on the tabletop!

Moustaches, beards, and braided hair abound on these models and the variety of poses, characterful gear, and finely sculpted poses ensures that they will look great on the battlefield while peppering any invaders foolish enough to try to take possession of your lands.

Whether you’re looking for a few missile troops to harass your enemies or an entire regiment to darken the sky with fletched death, these excellent archers will fit the bill for your Celt, Dacian ,German or even British amies (mixed in with your slingers). Get yours right now in the Warlord webstore!