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We’ve little time for mucking about with fancy wordplay in this edition of the Spotlight, the Celts are invading! Whether you’re interested in Ancient Britons, Dacians, our upcoming Germanics or your run of the mill variety Celts, Warlord Games has something in our range to offer you.

Osprey Celtic Warrior

We’ll kick off our expose on these hairy barbarians with a selection from our library (definitely not proper Celt stuff). Our fine selection of Osprey history books is waiting to give you inspiration and guidance in your gaming and modelling endeavours.

Celt Warriors

Hordes of ferocious Celtic warriors is just what the druid ordered. You can get tons of versatility out of our plastic Celt Warriors boxed set.

Celt Druids

Speaking of Druids, if you’re looking to cast a good omen on your army or just tear out a few hearts to sacrifice to the glory of your dark elk-antlered gods, our Druid models are certainly up to the task.

Naked Celt Fanatics

It’s a known fact that some Celt nutters liked to fight in the raw, so we couldn’t leave you without the ability to field your own ‘berserks’ on the tabletop. Now you can add these blue (woad and the European climate will do that) warriors to your army with our Naked Celt Fanatics.

Female Celt Warriors

If you thought the Celtic men were vicious, you should see the women! Make sure the fairer sex is well represented in your force with our Female Celt Warriors.

Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni

Speaking of women, no Celt collection can be complete without one of the most famous characters ever to ride a chariot, Boadicea – Queen of the Iceni!

Ancient Britons

The Iceni were a tribe in Ancient Britain (Briton/Britannia) so we made sure you could represent these lime-haired loonies on the tabletop with our metal and plastic Ancient British Warriors boxed set.

Celt Warhounds and Packmaster

As if the men and women weren’t bad enough, Celts would also bring their vicious dogs to the battlefield to bring down any stray enemy soldiers that might get in their way. As you can see from the model, our Celt Warhound Packmaster is barely keeping his savage beasts contained from the battle line.

Celt Slingers

Although Celts reveled in hand-to-hand combat, they were not above using missile weapons to soften up the enemy. Our Celt Slingers will certainly put a few dings in some enemy helmets.

Celt Javelinmen

Javelins were also available to Celt Warriors as a thrown spear killed an invading warrior just as well as a sword thrust. Celt Javelinmen can turn enemy formations into pincushions.

Metal Javelins

If you’d like to do a few conversions, we’ve also got metal javelins available separately as well as plenty of other interesting bits such as Roman Scutums, pikes, and more in The Armoury.

Celtic Archers

Believe it or not, the Celts even employed a few bows here and there. Not as manly as swinging a sword or axe into your opponent’s face, but Celt Archers are still useful!

Celtic Cavalry

Celtic Cavalry liked to travel into combat without saddle or bridle. While it must of been a bumpy ride, these light cavalry are certainly effective for picking apart enemy units.

Celt Chieftain Chariot

Aside from being fine horsemen, Celtic Chariots were also a well-known tactic brought onto the battlefield. These rolling war wagons were used for transporting chieftains as well as lending some heavy-hitting power to a Celt army.

Celtic Chieftains

Speaking of Celt Chieftains, feast your eyes on our collection of barbarian warlords. These miniatures are perfect for leading your army onto the tabletop!

Dacian War Host

If felt caps and falx are more your style, our metal and plastic Dacian Warhost boxed set is perfect for your needs. These models are the reason the Imperial Romans up-armoured their Legionaries. It seems losing arms, legs, and heads on the battlefield was displeasing to them for some reason.

Dacian Scorpio

Dacians would also bring along captured Roman artillery to the battle. Here we have a Dacian Scorpio which is perfect for putting gaping holes in a Roman testudo.

Celtic Civilians

No Celt army can be complete without a few Celt Civilians around to cheer on the warriors and generally get in the way. They would show up to the battle to spectate and root for their side like it was the local cricket match!

Celtic Roundhouse

Although the Celts were definitely barbarians, they were also skilled craftsmen. This Celt Roundhouse is perfect for any battlefield and will serve equally well as a piece of scenery or tabletop objective.

Celtic Totems

Celts were also deeply superstitious so these Celtic Stone Totems are perfect for adding a bit of colour to your collection or battlefield.

Celtic Broch

Celt architecture wasn’t merely limited to single-level dirt and wattle buildings as our Celtic Broch clearly demonstrates. Although its use is still debated over, this imposing structure is great as a towering terrain piece.

This concludes our Spotlight oveview of the extensive Celt miniatures and terrain line that we currently have available. This article is merely a sampling of the entire range and it can all be found right now in the Warlord webstore.