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Updated: Hordes of Horses

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Updated 13 March, 2009:

One of our most popular sets is now available as a boxed set – Celt Cavalry. This part plastic, part metal unit allows you to harry the flanks of the enemy battleline and support your chariots as they thunder home!

Cavalry troops are perhaps the worst fear of any formation of foot soldiers. Thundering hooves, piercing spears, and the ability to strike from unexpected directions are enough to shake the courage of even the most elite troops. Add to this the uninhibited savagery and bloodlust of Celt Warriors and you have an army-breaking combination. We are filled with battle song to be able to bring you our new regiment of ten Celtic Cavalry to add to your barbarian hordes.


As you can see, these miniatures are sufficiently armed and ready for the brutal business of the ancient battlefield. One thing we are quite proud of is the fact that the ponies come with the riders’ legs attached – all you need to do is choose which upper torso and shield you want to add from the plastic sprue and due to the bowl-joint at the waist you’re ready to swivel, tilt and otherwise position your model to your own taste! The variety of positions are almost endless and allow for unparalleled dynamic action among your miniatures. Here’s a few examples:

Celt Cavalry Standard

When a spear just isn’t enough, bring your sword and shield:

Celt Cavalryman with sword, shield, and spear

This is just our first Celtic Cavalry release. We will sculpt some more so you can add individual models to your units. For a complete list of box contents and to get your own Celtic Cavalry Regiments, click on over to the Warlord Games webstore.