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Updated: Bolt Action US Firepower Drops In!

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Updated 13 March, 2009:

The US forces will be tearing up the Axis armour with the addition of our Bolt Action Sherman M4A3 with the 76mm gun. Even the heavy armor of German Panthers or dare we say it (to start treadhead arguments) Tigers will find themselves challenged by the rounds this tank puts out! Available now in our webstore!

US Sherman M4A3 [76]:

Now available in the Warlord Games web store are our new Bolt Action US Airborne reinforcements for your 28mm World War 2 conflicts. Whether the enemy on the front of you requires rapid fire, large caliber, or high explosive persuasion, these great new miniatures should be able to parachute in and give them a kicking back to where they came from!

US Airborne with Thompson SMGs:

US Airborne with .30 Caliber LMG:

US Airborne Bazooka Teams:

All of these excellent miniatures can be found right now in the web store. Get them and make sure that the Allies are well defended on the front!

Next in line for the US AIrborne are a 60mm Mortar team,  57mm Anti-tank Gun and 75mm Pack Howitzer – we can’t let these crack troops drop into battle without adequate support can we!