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Spotlight: Ancient British Celts and Boadicea

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Welcome to our first Warlord Spotlight, a new feature which focuses on a portion of the Warlord range which we would like to give a bit of special attention to. Fittingly, as we reside in the heart of the Midlands in dear ol’ Blighty, we felt we should start out with our very own lime-haired savages, The Ancient British Celts:

As you well know, these models feature our famous plastic Celt sprues along with additional metal components to make them proper Britons. Heads with limed hair, Battersea shields, and more are included to ensure your opponents know that it’s the Celts of Albion that are cleaving their heads on the tabletop. If that isn’t enough for you, how about adding some Chariots, Cavalry, or Slingers to your warband?

Additionally we have a fine selection of additional metal models to enhance your collection and to add further variety to your forces. The Ancient British Chieftain depicted above is just one of our miniatures which would be suitable to lead your Ancient British warband. If you’re looking for an inspirational figure to lead your Ancient Britons, then you can’t do better than Queen Boadicea!

All of these fine Celt models (and many more) are available right now in the Warlord webstore. Give them a look and get started on your own Ancient British Warrior warband today!