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Updated – Showcase: Celts!

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Warlord fans across the world of a barbarian bent have been hard at work painting our Celts miniatures. Now that we have got our lime properly mixed and are prepared to clash swords against shields to rouse our battle lust, feast your eyes on the awesome images we’ve been sent to show off below:

Updated 04/17/09:

Jose Girona

Last but certainly not least we have Jose’s inspirational Fanatics. Notice the subtle yet extremely effective conversions and the oh-so-beautiful skintone painting.

Dale Yates

Expect to see a lot more of Dale’s work in the next few weeks as we already have a fair few of his miniatures to photograph be they for Bolt Action, Romans, or his main love – English Civil Wars.

Steve Dake

Steve dropped us these pics of his superbly converted Celts a couple of weeks ago. Inspiring stuff and just goes to show how plastic can make conversions so much easier. Who’s going to mess with that Standard Bearer? No, thought not…

Dave Woodward

One of the most respected painters in wargaming Dave has featured on our website before. That’s not say say you won’t see more from him soon – his Roman Cavalry are itching to have their session in front of the Warlord camera…

Mike Collington

Finely-detailed, dynamically posed and superbly painted – what’s not to like about these Celtic Chariots painted by Mr Collington. I’m sure anyone standing in the way of these speeding machineries of destruction would have a thing or two in mind but that’s why our mothers taught us the Green Cross Code isn’t it children?

Mike Collingham 2

Well done to all concerned – it really makes all our hard work worth the effort when we see some of the world’s best painters coming up with results like this on our Minaitures. Keep ’em coming!

All of these models are available in their unpainted versions right now in the Warlord webstore.